Asphalt Drum Cutter

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Drum Cutter for Cutting-Edge Performance

Not only does Asphalt Solutions of America offer custom retooling services for drum cutters. We also have the capability to retool cutter drums to the customer’s specifications. By using 3D software, we provide two pattern checks before delivery. This ensures that the finished product meets the customer’s requirements and is of the highest quality.


When designing cutter drums we ensure that proper attack angles are used to maximize tooth wear life. Wear on the teeth of the cutter drum can result in reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs. By optimizing the attack angles, ASA can extend the life of your cutter drums and reduce overall costs.

We Are in the Business of Cutter Drums

Jeff Rule Junior and Senior have had a long history with drum cutters in the road construction industry. Beginning with JR’s Welding, they developed expertise in creating cutting drums for many types of millers.

Upon the acquisition of JR’s Welding, the president of Roadtec shared, “We are extremely pleased to announce the addition of JR’s Welding product offering to the Roadtec customer base. As an addition to our existing Roadtec equipment rebuild program, this will allow Roadtec to further our efforts in competitive rebuilds of milling drums. JR’s Welding’s proprietary drum designs and the proven performance of these designs have an excellent following in the market.”

With two generations of knowledge driving their efforts, it is no surprise that the Rules sought to expand their reach by founding Asphalt Solutions of America. Today they continue to stay at the forefront of their industry by pushing even further into new pavement technologies that are both reliable and cost-effective.