Asphalt Paver Parts

We’re Proud to Work With:

ASTEC / Roadtec

The Roadtec brand is included under the ASTEC umbrella, and both have a strong reputation in the industry for producing high-quality equipment built to last. With a commitment to customer service, these companies are leaders in the construction and road-building industries.

Caterpillar (CAT)

CAT is a well-known name in the world of heavy equipment, and they are widely recognized for their innovative and high-quality machinery. Their range of equipment is designed to handle all aspects of the asphalt paving process, from preparing the ground to laying down the asphalt.


Wirtgen offers a wide range of asphalt equipment, from milling machines to asphalt pavers, designed to make the asphalt paving process more efficient and effective. They are committed to innovation, and their state-of-the-art tech optimizes the performance of their machines.

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Custom Machined Parts for Asphalt Solutions

Asphalt Solutions of America is committed to ensuring that customer ideas come to life with accuracy and speed. To achieve these goals, our company utilizes cutting-edge CAD drawing software, enabling us to create three-dimensional renderings of parts for customers. This powerful software permits Asphalt Solutions to quickly generate blueprints which are then sent directly to the machine shop for production. Every aspect of this process has been carefully crafted with the intention of making sure customers receive their orders on time without any loss in precision.


Screed Plates

Available for multiple manufacturers.

Head Shafts and Foot Shafts

Auger Flights

Available for multiple manufacturers.


Fumex Hose

Custom-made to outperform OEM.

Conveyor Belts

Original manufacturer.

Conveyor Belts

Original manufacturer.

Drag Chains

Available for multiple manufacturers.

OEM Bearings

Mill Track Yoke Pins

Mill Leg Tube Brass

Paver King Pins

Mill Leg Keys

Bulldog Milling Bits

Custom Machine Parts

Custom Machine Parts

ASA Has the Asphalt Paver Parts You Need

Asphalt Solutions of America is the best place to turn when you need asphalt paver parts for your projects. With a large inventory, including a wide selection of parts, tools, and supplies in stock, sourced from the highest-quality providers, we ensure you can get the job done right. Not only do we have a full catalog of parts available to order but we also offer knowledgeable insight and guidance so you can purchase with confidence. Whether your fleet of equipment is small in scale or contains dozens or hundreds of pieces of equipment, ASA has the parts you need to get all your jobs done.

ASA Repairs and Maintains These Manufacturers

Asphalt Solutions of America offers comprehensive repair and maintenance solutions for products made by premier worldwide manufacturers. With years of experience and technical expertise, the experienced team at Asphalt Solutions of America understands the intricate needs of maintaining asphalt products made by the highly-regarded manufacturers they partner with. Our constant diligence to customer satisfaction allows Asphalt Solutions of America to exceed expectations regarding product performance, price, and service.


Asphalt Solutions of America provides repair services for a diverse selection of equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry. We are skilled and experienced in servicing products from these respected companies but we are not affiliated with them. Our emphasis on providing quality service gives our clients an affordable alternative without compromising the required standards for safety and longevity.